Yes because you guys always have a great go of it in the prem… :wink:

(Sorry I’m bitter and hate football rn)


Aye but this time we’ve got all that sweet, sweet Chinese money.

Us and the Villa are going to [whatever the Chinese equivalent of oilball is] our way to the Champions League within a couple of years.


Oh I didn’t realise/forgot that… football is HORRIBLE


Always on telly too.


this has made me think about which countries the wealthy owners of teams that have played in the CL are from

Russia, America, Abu Dhabi, Thailand etc.

how long till China?


Abu Dhabi isn’t a country idiot dickhead!!!


Yeah but he played in the champions league for arsenal a few times


It does look good and apparently it’s designed to keep the sound in. I’ve not oaud attention as we’ve been at the vets, but im guessing that we’ve fine a deal with Sainsbury’s?

We used to own all the land down to Clifton Road until we sold it for in the 80s for those houses and flats. We at least need to demolish the flats behind the main stand, which will be difficult. We should never have sold the land in the first place.


believe that when I see it




Looking forward to a trip to Old Trafford - not been since 22nd Dec 2001…


Can’t wait to watch it on the television!


I’ll probably go although it’s a ballotted game bizarrely. This could and should be the first non televised one for fucking ages tbf.


What allocation will we get?


3000 or so I’d imagine


That’s a bit shit. I know we won’t get the 15% but we had more than that at The Hawthorns last season…


That’s about the standard allocation, I’d imagine one of the reasons the home tickets are ballotted is so they can gauge sales and adjust the away allocation accordingly so it could well be more than that tbf.


Hope so: my lad would love a day out at Old Trafford. I mean, we’ll get creamed, probably by the Man U reserves, but it would be worth it.


I was thinking more along the lines of the shadow it would create rather than the noise.


Other than a habitual Celtic capitulation, there’s nothing really doing tonight eh?