Nah they’ll get 6500 if they want it


Dead rubber but bayern - PSG should be good. Lost on the weekend and Bayern are much better than they were in the first game


In fact their entitled to 9k if they want it

If sales are shit and they want more that might happen too. We gave boro 12k


Hoping for about one million goals between them in that one


The plans are totally unrealistic anyway. In the video a fan is wearing a Jordan Mutch shirt, as if that would ever happen.


Case closed.








That probably makes you about the third most regular Old Trafford attendee on here!


What sort of highly dubious chap sits down to have a piss?

(That said, if he is having a tom tit it’s smeared all over his conkers because his seat’s down).




Has he gone to Bournemouth?


He’s probably the only player in the world who actually does pay for himself, though. People just lie about that sort of shit with other players, but in his case the value of merchandise, extra ticket sales, sponsorships attracted, etc, you’d imagine must easily eclipse £1.35m a week.


Mad that City apparently offered to treble that!!


Is he better than Jesus?


I like how the figures are quoted ‘after tax’. Cos he’s definitely paying tax now, right?

(Also I was at Derby v Man Utd a few years back. The main drama was caused in my mind by my TV, who spent half the match asking me detailed questions about United’s reserves - we were trying to be inconspicuous in the Derby end. Also, Derby had no songs other than suggesting that it would have been better all round if CR7 had suffered a fatal car crash).


I’m off to the match again tonight :smiley:


In fairness they’re called columns, not poles.


Reckon we’ll give atleti a good hiding tonight.