United game was relatively silly. Lots of daft slipping over and that.


luke shaw running up and down and playing football was nice to see.


Hopefully we get Juve in the next round.




It’s nice watching Darmian play when he doesn’t have to worry about fucking something up. Just seems like a nice bloke


Managed to avoid Bayern though …clever Mourin… oh


Completely forgot that i had an accumulator on last night


oh yeah, fuck! I was a little bit excited to hear that play, but… nothing. the one time I get to see a CL game in the flesh.


he’s so fast, I love him


Juve know its Christmas time of year


Would rather Donetsk or Porto and then someone decent in the quarters than getting Arsenaled tbh


Nah, fuck that. Big ties all the way please. We’re not going to win it but we are actually quite good now you know.



What is to be construed from this response please?


I thought you wanted big ties!?


I also think we’re good now! I’ll never turn down a cheeky bye into the next round though. We’ll still have to play the big teams to progress further


Ah! Very good!


from a guardian article on half and half scarves. fucking hell



2 more classics of the genre


A new challenger emerges!