Fuck trophies, throw them all under the bus if you like, or just literally fuck them like this fella, whatever you like - you won them.
Nonsense gravitas. It’s a sports tournament


Fernandinho and Sané didn’t play at the weekend, I doubt Pep will be planning on starting Jesus on Sunday.

In terms of young strikers, there’s Lukas Nmecha, who was on the bench against Wolves, but I don’t think has trained with the first team anywhere near as much as Foden and Diaz. Benjamin Garré is probably close but he’s only just been signed last summer so can’t be in the Champions League squad.


Where’s the crunch games here? Are there any with two teams battling it out to go through?


Spartak could hypothetically still go through but that’s p much dead and buried now.

Firmino sure is a selfless player for someone who gets a 45k bonus for scoring


spoke too soon


think it gets paid directly to his dentist


Not head to head but Porto and Leipzig are vying for runner up


this commentator just made a really dire linguistic joke about Spart-ak looking vulnerable on the att-ack


that was my initial choice but meh


OH and city could do napoli a favour?


I know no one cares but Llorente just scored a nice goal and he’s a lovely man so that’s good


nice goal from Shakhtar


I think Napoli can have legitimate concerns over just how seriously City are taking this.


hard to see past shakhtar for the trophy now


Mané has the wrong boots on


Firmino is bloody great. Considering how people perceive him because of how he looks etc he’s a hell of a selfless grafter.


Son’s finishing from the edge of the box is so good




Bloody love Son. (Might be partly due to an old, pre him being a spurs, FM where I bought him and he played fucking amazingly for me and made me £££ in game winning performances and shirt sales)


City will be really smarting if they lose this. Have to worry for whoever they’ve got at the weekend.