Don’t think it’ll be long before Fonseca is winding up Merson and Keys by robbing a job off a proper football man.


I bloody love him as well tbh


Loads of enviable players at spurs. Son, Eriksen, Alli, Vertongen, Kane and Lloris would all improve most any squad


Gutted to see Moreno going off injured and obviously aware that he could be out for a while, decent player


This Shakhtar side are bloody good. They were excellent against our first team in the home leg and against the ressies tonight. That trio of Bernard, Marlon and Taison are scary. They coukd have a Monaco-like run to, say, the semis inthem, or at least could give one of the other English clubs a scare.


pretty good strike from Cristiano i suppose


Pretty good strike from Sadio I suppose.




clearly changed his boots at half time


Top patter on the goals show there:

James: “Sechs for Liverpool”
Rafa: “Yep, that’s Six in german”
James: “as is very much Liverpool’s manager”

Everyone is bored and wondering why they are still watching this


That fake ultras section behind the goal at the bernebeu is the worst thing in football




Grandad Madrid is on form tonight. Still complaining about the result despite the team winning and already being through


surprisingly exciting watching Feyenoord tinpot a meaningless win
Jeremiah St. Juste is a great name


Enjoying Feyenoord fans going mental at their only victory despite it being mesningless


Tbf no way should they have come behind Spurs but fucks sake Dortmund, through to Europa on 2 pts, no wins


Bayern or Real for us then.


Brexit wankers…


Nothing doing then


This is a Black day for patter