Can’t see it, but you’d want Liverpool, City, Barca, PSG in the semis if you like good football and that.




Bin Dipper, more like.


We just need to steal VVD & Ryan Bertrand in the January window and the European Cup is as good as ours


even a King has an off day


I actually don’t think that’s how royalty works


I had a tenner on 7-0.

I’ll probably just give it to charity.



Besiktas Chelsea then


Odds are stacked against United getting Besiktas, but I have faith in them.

  • 8 Good teams getting through easily
  • Dingerz in the last 16 and some dross in the last 8

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Man Utd to get Shrewsbury at home




Chelsea v Barca
PSG v Shaktar
Man City v Real Madrid
Man Utd v Seville
Spurs v Porto
Liverpool v Juventus
Roma v Bayern
Besiktas v Basel


Can’t wait to give Madrid a good shoeing


Chelsea are nailed on for PSG part 3


If our racist overlords at Stamford Bridge draw anyone other than Besiktas i’ll shit in my hat.


Ideal would be something like:

Chels - PSG
Nited - Bayern

Then Spurs, Liverpool and City to draw some filth to boost the #coefficient or make it very funny when they are unceremoniously DUMPED out

City - Sevilla
Spurs - Basil
Liverpool - Porto


It’ll be an outrage if City don’t get drawn with Basel!


If we could keep this very interesting discussion going right through until Monday oblivious to every match that happens, that would be good.