Basel are a better side than Porto or Sevilla.

Beat United twice, Chelsea twice, Liverpool, Bayern Munich.


aiming for the middle ground with my anti-bants, and lets face it whoever they get, they’ll be going through :man_shrugging:


Hard to say. The title’s much more important than any cup competition.

Of the English clubs, actually fancy United to win it the most. They’ve got pedigree for knockout competition football, as seen last year.


In terms of actually good matchups, narratives and clashes of style, etc, i wouldn’t mind seeing…

Barca v Chelsea
Spurs v Shakhtar
United v Real
Liverpool v Sevilla
City v Basel


Beating Celta and Southampton etc is a hell of a long way off playing PSG, Madrid though tbh


The United 2 Real 3 game of 99/00 still makes me laugh now. Henning Berg must wake up in cold sweats about Redondo. They were absolutely humiliated.


Would assume Liverpool can’t get Sevilla?


Good shout.


Liverpool v Shakhtar in that case, and Spurs v Sevilla.


I somewhat doubt that statement was made entirely in good faith tbh


Assume you’ve read this?


It’s dead good if not.


would love a good old United - Real showdown again this season


Want Juve for similar reasons. Those 96/97/99 Utd Juve ties are probably the most important fixtures in how football became the thing I love more than anything else. Would probably try and get to both legs if we drew them again this season.


Quite want PSG - Madrid

just for one of them to be out early and their season a disaster


United were shite in Europe under Ferguson. So many examples of them spaffing their pants. Should have won four or five European Cups, won two because of opponents falling over.


Great Old Trafford Exits of our time

  • The Redondo rinsing
  • The Ronaldo hat-trick
  • The Robben Volley
  • The Kaka Schooling
  • The Porto Embarrassment
  • Other

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Please specify which Manchester United defeat you found the funniest @Antpocalypsenow


Fuck the away goals rule 4eva


I liked it when Gill handpicked their group the year City won the league and they still got knocked out, then got, bar the 1:6, the biggest schooling of Ferguson’s career against Athletic.


Porto one was fucking hilarious tbf, should have made this multiple choice