I know it isnt Champions League but that UEFA Cup when Athletic Bilbao terrorised Man United was lovely


I was at that Robert Huth semifinal (back when I was 8-12 I was a Chelsea fan and blissfully unaware of racism). Was so depressed on the way back that I made myself sick by eating an entire bag of Haribo Starmix :ok_hand:t2:




The end of that Chelsea v Barca semi was pretty spectacular


Wonderfully #headsgone


the streak is… over?


Welcome to live coverage of today’s third round tie between Liverpool and
glass smashes
Bah gawd, that’s… that’s Mourinho’s music


Wouldn’t mind getting a high res version of this, so that I can blow it up to A0.


Jorge Andrade single handedly getting Depor eliminated from the champos semis in 2004 for this stupid, stupid shit right in front of the ref

back story is that deco and jorge andrade were previous team mates at Porto and the kick was simply a ‘friendly’ thing, but still so monumentally stupid, especially considering we had a legitimate shot at the cup that year.


Humping defending champs Milan out after getting smeared 4-1 in the first leg was pretty good though


yeah, definitely don’t think about that on a weekly basis tbh.


We did basically the same to Juve in the EU league and it still makes me so happy,


my m9 was there that night and still doesn’t shut up about it.

I do the same with the 4-0 though, so its coo


Seven games for Wembley in Euro 2020 now including Semis and Final


Would be fucking hilarious if we don’t qualify


It’s cooooooooming home, it’s coooooming, FOOTY’S COMING HOME!!!


pretty sure everyone (except Scotland) is in the next one


happy birthday JT!!


Think about this photo a lot. Why does he have so many zero balloons? Did he send someone to the shop to get them? How long ago did he come up with this plan to celebrate 1m instagram followers and were other ideas mooted? Why is the Europa League trophy photoshopped in? Who did he rope in to help with the assembly and disassembly of all of the replica trophies (as that must have taken ages)?

So many questions.


Big up the Köln lads in their quest to be the only german team to progress to the knock outs of the Europa (not counting Dortmund and that bullshit rule) despite being bottom of the table. Think we can all agree after the Arsenal bants that they are a #gbol

Not watching Hertha vs Östersunds tonight for obvious damp squibby reasons