Dortmund or they who shall not be named*


Follow up to this, obviously good that Man Utd at home to Derby is not televised.

Shrewsbury West Ham is a fucking odd one for the BBC Sunday pick though eh? Surprised Spurs vs Wimbledon hasn’t been selected.


Top of league one at home against a Moyes led basket case is prime #CUPSET territory. West Ham do seem to be on the telly far too often at the moment though


Some Joe Hart #narrative as well I guess


and a very easy ‘Taming of/by the shrews’ headline depending on who wins


he can do what he wants , it’s JT!


Lionel Messi gets paid €133 per minute.


Just as the above gets announced, the chief inspector who made the false claims tweets that he’s going on holiday.


This is funny. TOTAL FOOTBALL


Wilshere’s going to get into the England squad isn’t he ffs


Arsenal 3-0 up despite resting 11 players. I’d hate to have played them last weekend!


Arsenal master BATE!


Ahah great own goal. No way he hasn’t been paid megabucks to do that.


Curtis Edwards btw, what a boy from Darlington to the Olympiastadion


Easy mistake to make I suppose.



i don’t like these weekend football threads sprawling into the week


looks like ALL THE FOOTBALL will be on TV soon


Thousands and thousands of hours of football, each more climactic than the last!


I’m going to be in Manchester this weekend and am trying to decide which non-league game to go to tomorrow. There’s lots of options, anyone have a recommendation?

Altrincham v Shaw Lane (1st v 3rd) looks appealing.

All this is weather dependent, of course.