Weekend Football



I know we’re all counting down to the international break next week, but I’m afraid there’s some league games to get out the way first. Chelsea v Everton and Burnley v Palace probably the pick of today’s games. Expect Heaton to have an absolute howler. Should be easy wins for the oil ballers against Boro and Sunderland respectively.

North London derby tomorrow.




Your team will win
My team will lose
Repeat ad infinitum


Weve got Blackburn
Battle of the fallen giants!!


There’s no need to be sulky just because I banned the Pep account.


Gareth Southgate. Stuart Downing. Memories like cheese dreams.


10-way Premier League accy, 92000/1 ish. COR BLIMEY. Be amazed if more than 3 come in tbhtbqf.

Reading at home today, NEW MANAGER BOUNCE. 2-0 us.

Eastleigh last night was fun, deffo a goal for that header though.


JICAC: Wins for Bournemouth, Burnley, Man City, Stoke, Arsenal and Swansea.


City put so much into the Barca game you’d have to be clinically braindead to not think there’s at least a small chance they’ll be fatigued or not wholly motivated this afternoon.

Burnley, Chelsea & Boro wins for me.


Furious at the lack of a 1pm game


Or 12:30 or whatever it is on a Saturday


Dunno what you mean, Kaiserslautern FC vs Union Berlin is kicking off in 5 mins


Oh ffs


Fucking Wolves


Bloody heck Great Uncle Parsefone, live a little!


#BIG LEAGUE predos

[details=predommary]Celtic 3-1 Inverness Throbbing Gristle
Dundee 0-2 Motherwell
:hearts: 2-1 St Johnstone


Don’t be a prick.


The Pep account was the best thing on the boards


Obviously not this, but it was harmless and the profile picture was funny. No need for a ban


Man Utd fans out there, what’s the thoughts so far on Jose?