Weekend football



*Man City supporting disers complain bitterly about how rubbish their side is as they demolish Burnley 5-0.
*Would be nice to see Liverpool have their pants pulled down by Sunderland, but it won’t happen.
*Chelsea win again. BOOOOO!
*Southampton v Everton probably the neutral’s pick of the Sunday games.


Swansea v Palace today where the losing manager could be sacked.


I have no idea who will play lb for Spurs. Rose suspended, Davies injured, Lamela injured so rules him out of 3-5-2 wing back.

Assuming Vertonghen, Wimmer, Dier, Walker will be the back 4.

3-0 Chelsea


Yeah, that’s a tough one all round. Must win for both sides, but probably a bit more so for the Swans.

Feels like the wheels have properly fallen off for Swansea this season, which is a pity because up til now they’ve always seemed like a sensibly run club.


It’s definitely must win for Pardew. 5 league wins since mid December last year. The worst team in the country by a considerable distance.


Got Partick which is always fun as you might see Kingsley


People are blaming the new owners, but it feels like they’ve been flailing around a bit before they were on the scene - from about their League Cup win onwards. It is a shame because when they first came up they had a distinctive identity (which was more boring than was let on at the time, but never mind) and that core of dedicated hard-workers in Williams, Rangel, Allen etc. which is essential to stay afloat in the cutthroat world of the midtable Prem. Feels like they lost too many of them and hired on too many mercenaries without knowing whether they were any good. Kind of fate I think every team from Everton down are struggling to avoid every time the bigger boys pick off their best assets in the summer.

City aren’t going to win by that margin, btw. 1-2 at best. Going to be an absolute shitfest.


Paul fucking Robinson!


Wow! I’d assumed he’d quietly retired a season or two ago.


Fucking nora that midfield. May as well declare 0-0 for half-time right now.


I wish we were good enough to let on that “we’re not so cuddly anymore” but there we are


who loves goals the most? i reckon it’s jermain defoe. absolutely adores them


took aguero out as as he was possibly not going to, figured he wouldn’t be risked against burnley

left de bruyne in

i do have paul robinson on my bench which means i’ll probably now end up with about -5 points from him and missing out on an aguero captain hat trick or something


anyone else having to tinker with the contrast/brightness? damn that northern low sun


Came here to say this. Thought he was dead!


Maybe not if Otamendi keeps up with that sort of challenge in the box.
Really should have been a penalty.


Bt sport feat. Howard Webb playing a kazoo


“and Yaya Toure just switches off” :angry:




Oh no City have sent out an understrength side and Oh no the opposition are playing far above themselves This is an uncommon sight indeed