Weekend football






Christ Sagna. Our centre backs get some deserved stick but I reckon Donadoni and Costacurta would have struggled between our full backs


Donadoni was a midfielder man


Burnley advertising BOYS in the dugout.


fucks sakes


Bugger. Baresi.


You can get 18/1 on Sunderland to win. Given their relative purple patch, Klopp’s history of perplexingly shitting the bed against poor opposition and just the general likelihood of any football team fluking a win, that seems worth a few quid. Naturally, it’s more likely that Liverpool will win 16-0 but you never know.


Yeah. Main thought when watching Pep’s City is that they’re close to a very good side, which will be complete when they get good enough full backs.

Can’t think of too many really promising young fullbacks, that might be available, though tbh.


Complicated further by the fact Clichy is one of our few HGs. Think we may go down the Spurs route and get one or two alright domestic full backs in just to provide some cover.

Or Begiristain will continue ignoring it and we’ll go on using Navas as a right back, one of the two.




Sterling taking up the Navas role of battering the ball into the 1st man today.


Ha. 2 goals from absolute chaos.

Blatant penalty from Mee kneeing Yaya in the nuts levels up the Otamendi one earlier.


City’s defensive line so high it’s x rated


Ottamendi’s not really a footballer


Stop picking up/giving stupid yellow cards, mates.


This has late equaliser written all over it now.

We’ve gotten a bit sloppy and Yaya has pretty much disappeared from the game, he’s just doing his run around in little circles on half way thing.


Defeated by an extinct bird. How ironic


I thought city played burnley last week?



Knock the Yaya thing on the head now, Pep. It was funny the first time.