Weekend Footballllllll Thread

Weekend. Football. Football. Weekend

Utd take their terrible recent record against Swansea to wales and…Lukaku all over them

Bournemouth continue to look like the worst team in the division currently as they lose to Whatford

Spurs Chelsea

Other ones

No football strip chat, rivalry chat, favourite football books, or foreiiighnnnn muck! This thread is post brexit people

@Severed799 its on!

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Favourite back in the day goalie gloves?

  • Reusch
  • Uhlsport
  • Sondico

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*Matic all over them

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Bradford playing Blackburn today for the first time competitively in 27 years!
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failed to win our last 5 against them and they also beat us 5-0 in 1912 so not expecting much


I’m on route to Liverpool. It’s only just over two hours from Euston to Liverpool but it’s going to take me 90 minutes to get to Euston.

I nearly didn’t find my match ticket, that may have been a blessing.

Anyone else heading to a game?

Man u mate at work is off to their game at Swansea. Set off at 5am :joy:

Big weekend for me.

Sunderland - Leeds today (managed to sort out an away ticket, hopefully)

Huddersfield - Newcastle tomorrow (cheers to @boothyfearssatan for sorting me out)

A Walsall fan going down to Pompey booked the cheapest hotel he could find without realising it was on the Isle of Wight!

A player’s paid for his ferry.


Was going myself but have to work. Bit gutted. Was looking forward to the train journey up and smashing a few blackcurrant cordials in the Kings Head with this month’s WSC.

Think it might be a belting game.

As excited for the grove, magic rock and train beers as I am for the football itself tbh


Oh god I loved that show, so underrated… hand.


I’m not, but my old man is going to try. He’s currently on a flight due to land at Brum at about 12.15. Personally, I think he’ll be lucky to be out of the airport by 3, never mind at the Molineux by then.

Quite like the new Football Weekly. Rushden actually does a pretty good job. Conversation seems to flow better than it did in some episodes beforehand. Produced by an ex-DiSer now as well i see, which is cool.


Rushden is a bit of a bantz-meister but I’m still preferring it to Jimbo’s new gig, aye. Retaining people like Bandini and Lowe has been important.

Going to give the Ramble’s new continental show a shot next week if I can find a free journey to work. See if I can’t tryhard as hard as you.

An old guy in a Rangers cap just walked in Tesco st Enoch HE HAD ACTUAL BLUE TINTED SPECS


Got the distinct impression that Nick Ames and Paul MacInnes think eachother are bellends as well, which was fun.

Lads, I’m off to Winchester Chilli & Cheese Festival today, which got me thinking Chilli … Chile … Jean Beausejour! Then… you wouldn’t believe which Premier League footballer might also be going today!