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#decent game to start the weekend, reckon City will grab it but it’ll be tight.

Palace-Saints will be fun. So will Sunderland-Leicester I reckon. Spurs should get their first win in like 9 months from Swansea. Stoke-Burnley and WBA-Watford are zzzzz

We should beat West Ham really, they’re pure shite.

Kinda fancy at least one of Bournemouth and Everton to get something tomorrow vs Liverpool and United. Everton are terrible though so I guess I mean Bournemouth.

Other leagues.


I’m going to see this…


Shame they didn’t stick Tekkers and Delaney’s heads on the girls.


Be nice if Leeds beat villa later in today.


Can’t see West Ham getting anything against Arsenal. If Wenger just starts Giroud, the game will be dead and buried in the first half. I don’t think we have much fight in us.


Chelsea will do a number on City IMO

Still pissed off at how they managed to beat us despite being pure shite


Pep fucking fullbacks off completely


Think City have been fairly shit recently, but that has to be weighed against a pretty successful rotation policy. Today we’re fielding our strongest side plus, erm, Sane in defence. If Moses can do it, I suppose.

For us it would’ve been good if Chelsea had had a cup game midweek to contend with, however for the neutral it means both sides are well rested and will presumably be going for the win.

City 1-5 Chelsea.


It’s gonna be a depressing back 9 then a quick break from Chelsea.

Hopefully city score early on then we might have a more open game


city appear to be playing without a LB or RB (kolarov?), which is strange given that lots of our chances are created on the wings…

citeh - 2 - chelsea 4.

  • No score draw
  • Score draw
  • City win
  • Chelsea win
  • Scottish football

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No it wouldnt


north korea beat france to win the women’s u20 world cup

one of the players also played in north korean team that won the final of the u17’s world cup this year


Pep’s just doing what I do when I start a new game on FM, tbf. Love a good 3-2-2-2-1.



Moyherwekk 1-3 Celtic
Hamac 2-1 partick theiel nil
KIlamrnock 0-1 Dundee
Rangerz 2-1abderden
rosscounty 0-2 hea@herats@:
st johnsto 1-1 inverness cat


Please god, we gotta beat Hamiltonians today


City - Chelsea should be dead exciting with those XIs

Clasico at 3pm

Leeds in a league match that actually matters, is big, and we’ve got a decent chance in

Loads of interesting european games

Great day ahead


this is really grim, so avoidable https://www.theguardian.com/world/2016/dec/02/colombia-plane-crash-pilot-brazil-chapecoense

i don’t think it’s mentioned in the article, but according to a fair few pilots/people on aviation forums etc, they probably would have survived if the pilot had declared a fuel emergency earlier than he did (when he eventually did, the runway was cleared for him), but he more than likely was reluctant to because the plane would be investigated as soon as it landed (and the flight plan with fuel shortage would have done for him).


Chelsea are 5/2. FIVE…TO…TWO.

£200 on that, YES PLEASE.


chelsea and real to win, tenner on, potential profit of £140 (bet365)