Weekend footie football soccer


Hah, when they went to Redknapp thought he was in the studio not sat in the stands beside the commentators


Anthony Taylor, born: Wythenshawe, Manchester, England

of course!


We could be in the top 6 or bottom of the table today. The latter is more likely tbf. BIG LEAGUE!


Pretty much a declared United fan


Also if being from Wythy needs to man up


Aberdeen are going to beat us. Haven’t looked at all like a team this season




chelsea are being twats


i was actually surprised to see you were second going into the midweek game


Fucking hate jamie redknapp




Yes, this referee is definitely biased against Chelsea, isn’t he.


Getting blatant now


Wythenshawe, Fulham.


He’s just the worst premier league referee by an absolute mile. He’s too incompetent to be capable of bias


Hehe the ambulance staff grimacing at that aguero miss


Respect campaign yet again taking it in the nuts from one of the Premier League refs.

How do you respect someone who doesn’t even think that was a foul?


Oh Gary :frowning:


Got to feel sorry for Cahill, probably shocked Navas managed to get a cross in.

Obviously it’s still hit the first defender.


Scoring an own goal off of a Navas cross smdh