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Perfect time for a goal. A draw would be the best result from an Arsenal point of view but I really hate Chelsea.

We’re getting absolutely nothing off lifelong Manchester United fan Anthony Taylor.

Unlike yourself.

My feeling is that Taylor holds grudges. If he makes one bad decision and the home crowd gets on his back he just doubles down to the point where he’s just making farcical decisions. Done it several times to Arsenal, it’s so infuriating.

:grinning: what is this account?

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Getting plenty off life-long city fan Gary Cahill though.



And on the eighth day, god created the city defence <3

Chelsea are jammy as fuck. Such a poor team bar like 3 players.


Self made businessman sticks it to the Abu Dhabi royal family. Everyone’s a winner.



Have a word with yourself mate

Costa having a sit down :joy: what a prick

There’s 5+mins left yet pal

Pep is such a classy guy isn’t he.

The thousands of city fans leaving the stands while their team was a goal away from a draw-clever.

Oh dear…City defence is still such a mess. Credit to Chelsea tho much as I hate them…they’re on a phenomenal run.

half way to £140

(cheers to kik for pointing out the odds on a chelsea win)

Despise Chelsea. They should’ve lost this game comfortably, but City fucked it.

Don’t think Chelsea can win the league, they can’t get jammy every game until the end of the season… surely?

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