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Clear red.

Ref had a good game,city lucky to have XI players tbh. Looks like Man City need to chuck more money after that £150mil on getting 2 decent CBs and someone who isn’t Kolarov!!!11

Disgusting tackle from Aguero

Massive shame the game had to end like that, but it’s probably more of a reflection on the entitlement of this city team tbh rather than any individual player.


Equally disgusting behaviour from Fernandinho

City aren’t going to win anything as long as their defence looks anything like it does. Leicester did pretty much exactly this to them last season, and it’s genuine incompetence on the part of the DoF that nothing was done during the summer to shore up the flanks.

Chelsea’s turn-over is insanely good. No more than a handful of seconds between the ball being in their penalty box and them scoring for each goal. Just a shame about, well, everything about them eh.

That was absolutely glorious

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Well that was great fun.

Weirdly this set of players not as hateable without Mourinho behind them. Still loathe to see them win the title though, which is looking depressingly likely. This has been a ridiculous run from Chelsea tbh.

That’s our season finished there. We’ve completely lost our heads. When you’ve got a bloody nose sometimes you’ve got to let it slide and leave it for another day. Now we face our toughest run of the season without arguably our two most important players. Don’t understand how it got to that. We missed a few chances, got a bit kamikaze at the back and surrendered the points, but that’s fine, that’s part of a learning curve, and wouldn’t have had a huge bearing on the season. The indiscipline and the suspensions will. Really disappointed.

That last 5 minutes was fucking wonderful



Quite enjoyed that despite really not liking Chelsea, although I really like conte and as much as costa is an absolute c**t I still quite like him.

City should have had that game tied up. Silva - over rated

Thought Iniesta was back but he’s only on the bench and it’s Andre Gomes in midfield.

Madrid probably 10 points clear and unbeaten and it feels like they’ve only put in one good performance this season.

Honestly don’t think the title race would be over though with Barca/Atleti clearly able to step it up, CWC fixture pile-up and all the hardest away trips in the latter half of the season

is the classico still unwatchable with more breaks in play than an american football match?

or has it got better since the legacies of pep & mourinho have faded?

Decided to forgo catching up with sleep post flight to watch El Clasico. I’ll regret that decision when it ends up like 90% of El Clasicos

Think the game itself was of such a good quality, though, that it’d be a shame for that to be ignored. Sort of felt inevitable that Chelsea would old man us, but they only had the chance to do that thanks to our profligacy in front of goal. We should have been three or even four up before they equalised, and the de Bruyne miss was the exact tipping point of the game.

The issues at City for me all come back to player recruitment. The club spent years stalking Guardiola then let him arrive to a stable of defenders who are all either over-the-hill, injury prone, or hugely over-expensive punts. Stones will prove a great buy, Sagna’s very reliable, but the others, and i mean ALL of the others, are garbage, and that’s why we’re not the best team in the league.

If i was in the Chelsea dressing room now i’d be considering City slayed and looking completely past them. We might have March champions this year. The Courtois, Luiz, Kante, Hazard, Costa backbone is simply unrivalled, and as much as they’re not that good to watch and normally play on the line in disciplinary terms (heh), they ARE the best team in the country.

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most consistently entertaining big fixture in football, pal.

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Would agree that was very high quality. Think in a lot of the big fixtures so far this season we’ve seen what a good thing the import of expert managerial talent has been for the premier league.

And hard to argue with that Chelsea spine, tbh. Kante is just obscene - by miles the best signing two summers in a row. Most influential in the most unlikely title win in history, and this season, and in terms of the XI on the pitch, the difference between the side that limped to 10th and the one that are currently big title favourites.