Weekend Footie Thread

The Premier League stutters to a close tomorrow as one literal and two metaphorical bald men fight over the comb that is the final Champions League places. Even if it was possible to work up any excitement about this, it’s difficult to to see Liverpool or City slipping up against their respective opponents.

Today sees the League 1 play off final; Bradford to win, please.

That all depends on whether you are a Manchester City fan on community.drownedinsound.com or not…


It’s the 50th anniversary of Celtic winning the European Cup next week (don’t worry, I won’t go on about it too much).

This is a really good article, not really about the achievement itself, but more to do with how a team’s success links to working class communities and families: Kevin Mckenna: Lisbon Lions didn't merely roar for Celtic fans - they roared for working class Scotland | HeraldScotland

This is my favourite football-related photo ever:

I’m going to Parkhead with my da tomorrow, and there’s going to be a big full-stadium display in tribute to the lions before the match. He didn’t go to Lisbon, but was there for some other iconic games from that era - the semi-final against Leeds at Hampden (largest attendance at any European match ever), and the European Cup final we lost to Feyenoord at the San Siro. He went to those matches with his brother, and when he died a few years ago he was buried with the scarf he had taken to those games. I suppose the article reminded me of the way that a lot of family memories and moments are tied up with supporting a football team.

ANYWAY, looking forward to the game tomorrow and the tributes to our greatest ever side over the next week or so.


My dad was at that match at Hampden. Still has the programme and newspaper cuttings

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My dad’s cousin was arrested at the match for swearing at a police officer. 130-odd thousand people at a football match in Glasgow, and he got arrested for swearing.


Got to imagine Watham will be going all out to show the regen in charge at Hull what they can do. They’ll bully City off the park if they fancy it.



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Every player of that European cup winning team grew up within 30miles of Glasgow.
A staggering achievement, never to be done again, anywhere!



Why are West Ham fans not absolutely desperate to get these amateurs out of their club?


that counter attack about 20 minutes ago… fucking hell

god knows what shrewbie was thinking

Always wanted to ask how your old man came to move to Yorkshire and (going off snippets you’ve shared) become a pretty hardened Leeds fan. Same with profk’s grandad, and Adybongo supporting Arsenal. Find it weirdly fascinating. Some of the biggest English football fans i know have moved here from elsewhere, or even just properly thrown thsemselves into following clubs without moving. Know a Dutch Brighton fan, a German Palace fan, and a Portuguese United fan, and they’re all seriously hardened supporters. Makes a mockery of the people who get pissy about that sort of thing.



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He literally lives around the corner from me. I’m going to have a look around the pub just to find out how many he’s had.

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tbf, my dad was born and raised in Leeds so it was a fairly natural thing. was my grandparents (on both sides) that came over during the war

Wembley tomorrow for the FA trophy between Macclesfield vs York. Macc will be favourites on league position, but they’ve actually had nothing to play for for weeks, so only have one win in seven. York got relegated on the last day but they’ve had much better form recently.

Even if Macc don’t win, it’ll be nice to see Jon Parkin win a trophy at Wembley.

my grandad moved here in his mid 20s so never supported an English team - supports real madrid for the same reason most of Spain do. My dad came over when he was a teenager, and they lived in west London at the time, which is why he supports Chelsea.

a goal for all of millwall

Poor shrewbie :frowning: