Weekend Footy Thread

Blimey. Down to me then.

City v Liverpool in the game that they both think they’ll lose.

Chelsea getting Vardied.

Stoke rolling over later.

Other stuff.


Just also going to voice my disgust at Utd stoke being the televised game.

Something something Lowry.

Otamendi really is shite

Stoke’ll get a draw.

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Have you seen the state of tomorrows matches :joy:

Hoping for a good win at the Neutral’s today. Reckon (hope) they’ll have problems scoring so if we nick one early on they should be in real trouble. Going for 2-nil to the Bluebirds.

Hey guys, mates, chaps, lads, ATDs, blokes, window-closers! I’m sat at Winchester’s Peter Symonds College waiting for a lift. We’re going to an AGM of a regional sports organising body, which will be exactly as exciting as it sounds, but I’ve heard there’s a free buffet so every cloud… eh? Might dive in for a slice of quiche, or maybe a cheeky handful of mini sausage rolls. Got me thinking about the last time I pretended to go to a football match as an executive guest and I didn’t see a Premier League footballer absolutely demolish a tray of vol au vents. You all know who it wasn’t don’t you! :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question: :question: :grey_question:

city’s set up is quite incredible really. when the opposition have the ball they’re like a basketball team in that they’re allowed to walk up the pitch and create an attack easily

Remember when we sensibly marched into this season with Otamendi as a first choice centreback? Absolute banter on that

Oh they scored

knew that would happen soon as i saw aguero on the team. no touches for the first half hour, then tuck one away first chance he gets

This has got 1-3 written all over it.

we need to find a final ball from somewhere for that to happen

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refs had a shocker there. he’s getting a league 1 match next week

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General standard

100% red that. Fuck knows what nevilles on about

Straight leg studs into his face


Really harsh

But if Bravo comes on it was a shrewd, shrewd move


Learn football m8


Out of control, Studs up, straight leg into someone’s face.
Doesn’t matter if he’s going for the ball and it’s a chance.