Weekend futbol thread


Rubbish Saturday fixtures. West Ham vs Middlesborough maybe the only one that’s worthwhile. Liverpool will put a million past Swansea. Chelsea will look good again vs Hull, purely because it’s vs Hull. Sunderland vs WBA and Watford vs Bournemouth both low-scoring draws.

Sunday’s 2:15 fixtures of Leicester vs Saints and Spurs vs City both look good. Fancy a Saints win and a draw from those two. United should dab their way past Stoke comfortably. Arsenal to struggle away at Burnley probably.


What an uninspiring day of matches, don’t even know who we’re playing tbh


Leeds v Barnsley today. Could be good.


Ooh we’ve got Brentford away, love that ground. Argh!

Update: ticket GOT! £23 ouch. Last time I went there it was about £8 :joy:


WILL GRIGG’S ON FIRE (or injured not sure) :fire:


Footballs been cancelled this weekend, it’s Ryder cup! :golfing_man:




Quite enjoyed Cellino’s response… Buy some of the club for a few mio etc :smile:


For one reason or another I’ve not been able to go a match until today. Think Hull could get something out of it too, Chelsea haven’t been convincing at all.

Would help if we don’t get a man sent off thirty minutes in!


I have to say I quite enjoyed Friday night football. Finished work for the week, went to visit my parents and watched it with dad. Fish and chip Friday and got to see the dog.

Far better than Monday night football. Although when we’re at home I’d always want it to be 3pm on a Saturday.


annoyed about the ratio of saturday : sunday matches this weekend


Nice of British football to clear the way for an unchallenged Norwich game on tv… forgot about Ryder cup though


Elsewhere in S799’s various teams weekly round up:

St Pauli currently “entertaining” Hannover 96 (nothing has happened in 40 minutes)

Thistle take on the Zombies, kinda wish I was going as I’ve never been to a game at Ibrox. But then I remember maybe it’s for the best.


Liverpool defence looks all over the place, had a feeling they would drop points today.


not watching this but felt guidolin was being given a hard time before now, other than losing to hull at home they’ve had a horrible set of fixtures, looked decent against chelsea and city


I was gonna go along today but decided against as I’d rather watch the golf.
Crackin day for it. You got a working phone yet?


so i was fucking around with silly accumulators, decided to see what the odds were of all the big european teams losing to shit opposition, turns out that 2,000,000/1 is the highest bet365 will actually give you to when putting on the bet which makes sense cos the odds came up as 271,000,000/1 which was quite fun to look at


Yes! Actually, I’ll pm ye


Also I’d maybe consider catching it with s rangers pal. Maybe. Although they called us Patrick thistle on their twitter today


actually the maximum payout is £2m, obviously that makes the maximum odds 2m/1 on a £1 bet but when you’re dealing with silly high numbers you could still get £2m back on a 10p bet

anyway i’ve closed the 365 tab now cos i was getting way to into it


Was gonna say Liverpool will lose this. In the past week the press decided they were the best team in the world so it was obvious.