Weekend & Monday football thread



Sean’s given me special dispensation to extend the weekend thread to include the always embarrassing and usually drab scouse derby on Monday.

Easy wins for Chelsea & Spurs, united could be back #incrisis at the Hawthorns, 2 bald men fighting over a comb at the Etihad on Sunday.

other games including, but not limited to:
MK Leipzig - Hertha
Barca - Espanyol
Juve - Roma

Fulham are going to roll over and let the archipelago’s men tickle our bellies at the cottage. Put the house on Darren Bent anytime scorer


A derby suggests guts and thunder, the Liverpool ‘derby’ is like a fucking friendly between two church teams


Although I’m s season ticket holder I really can’t be bothered going today. We’ll probably go and beat Chelsea without me there.


Leeds v Brentford today.

Could do with Leeds winning please :thumbsup:


:smile: lovely stuff


I don’t have Sky Sports but the games on Sky Sports Mix which is free. That’s a bit of luck.


Weekend AND Monday works for me. Means no fresh thread about City dropping their pants for about the twentieth consecutive big game. Nice one.


Literally not a single looker today. Doubt i’ll even watch motd.


Increasingly baffled by this sort of view


Chelsea to get Pardiola-d today, mark my words


Palace to concede after the 80th minute today, mark my words.


A bit early mate. Pards will take McArthur of in the 85th, and concede in the 86th


Preparing myself for Hull to be cut adrift today. Been playing much better football over the past couple of games, but think West Ham will grind it out like they did against Burnlry. Win for them and they’ll be fine.

Only been watching the Palace Chelsea game for ten minutes but doesn’t seem all that great so far. Someone please tell the fella with the drum to stop.


Nobody can say definitively either way, so i think it’s fair for him to hold that opinion, but i probably don’t agree with it. He’s ahead of where he should be for a 22-year-old centre-half, but some way off looking like a £45m footballer…if he ought to.

Stones has’t been the problem for City on the whole. He’s made two big errors in games, but he’s generally been pretty good. The issues are the players collectively struggling with their positioning under Pep, the unsuitability of our old full-backs, Bravo, and the lack of a regular partner.

Even at the price, i think Stones will prove a great signing over time, but City aren’t helping him. They need to do what Chelsea have done with Luiz - afford him protection in a regular defence and play to his strengths. Pundits overhyping him because he’s English don’t help…but then neither does people who don’t watch him every week having #bigopinions on him based on the odd episode of Match of the Day they catch or a Vine of him underplaying a backpass.

Ultimately, it’s not his fault somebody decided he was worth that money, and he seems like a smart lad. The media should be more responsible, but i don’t know if he should have a tougher time of it because of where he was born. Same for Raheem Sterling. Same for Dele Alli, Marcus Rashford, Luke Shaw, etc. We should’ve learned lessons from Rooney, really.


Two minutes before half time. Again.



w/ Tippa Irie


Chelsea getting all their big player bans out of the way next week in their run-of-the-mill home game against Bornemouth.


Surely they’d want a full strength side against the oilballers?


So I didn’t go and instead watched it on TV. Quite glad about that.

Chelsea didn’t get out of second gear really and we didn’t really offer anything, we look really unfit as well the team looked knackered after 70. Doesn’t help when the sub options included Fryers and Campbell. Hopefully we can offload Townsend in January.