Weekend oilball thread

The two most expensively assembled teams of all time go head to head in a battle hosted on the rotting corpse of football’s soul in the early game.

Liverpool - Arsenal is the most reliably good game between top 6 teams.

Other football

Robert Snodgrass has an arrest warrant out for him after he failed to turn up at court.

Wednesday - Norwich and Huddersfield - Newcastle are the big games in the world’s most exciting league.

Looking forward to the @overthehill big cup predictions this week.

Aye Wednesday game is huge today, feel our season may depend on us getting a result there…

So gutted Thistle drew Aberdeen away, like just the worst possible draw

Snoddy waits for no man

To be fair that dive was criminal.


Think you’re very unlikely to get top 6 if you lose. Wide open between the three of us if you win.



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You can’t go wrong backing the United/Liverpool double today really can you?

I don’t know, tickets were 15 quid and there was free travel so should really have gone.

Also, we’re 6/1 which seems a bit long to me.

Yeah pretty much, I won’t be too upset of we lose (maybe would rather it) on reflection of a pretty dire season

Aberdeen are the best team in the country!*

Thistle are in great form right enough but honestly even the old firm would have been preferable. Man, if we somehow pull this off and get a Hampden semi final though shit is gonna get real :cold_sweat:

The country is Scotland

Both of them to win by 2 or more is 6/1. Smashed a tenner on it

Exactly! So that makes Thistle not very good at all!

FFS. Everyone out. Some people have ruined the thread


Any sort of result for Norwich would be massive for fulham (assuming we don’t shed our wig against PNE)

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