Weekend Premier League Accy - 11th-13th Feb '17


Put a quid on an accy of the weekend’s Prem games. DON’T include the notoriously cursed lunchtime kick-off (so nine games in total including the Monday fixture). Upload your betslip and tell us the odds…

Homes: United, Sunderland, Swansea
Draws: West Ham/West Brom, Boro/Everton, Liverpool/Spurs, City/Bournemouth
Aways: Palace, Chelsea



Glad to see these are back. I’ll update in the morning.




1087.14 beer tokens



Rangers release a statement saying they’ve accepted Warburton’s resignation, he says he has no idea what they are talking about. They really do keep finding new ways to push the bants envelope



Just the 550 beer tokens for me.


Outlandish bet of the week: Hull and Burnley 85/1. Any takers? No. Okay.


I put this on earlier but couldn’t get all the legs to fit on one screen on my phone.

It pays out £6,989.


Just the 142 pounds of tokens coming my way lads


Slipped the hand-egg in there didn’t I




1108 prosecco vouchers.