🤩 Weekend Selfie Thread 🤩


Where are you…?
Let’s be having you…



Aw - smiley cutie :heart_eyes:




I’m getting a haircut later; I could do an hilarious before and after


One from last Friday. Out in Brum with the Other Half. It was a bit of a ‘coming out’ party for us (long story) so this is one of very few pics we have had together so far. Went to an excellent street food place then dipped in next door to see The the doing an open air gig. Cracking night.
(FYI: I’m on the right)


The cutest one


At the street food place, were there shipping containers, by any chance?


Took this on the bus this morning having woken up in Peckham. Delighted.


CUTE!!! :heart:


Aw, you giiiiize…


I’m just a nosy cow and wanna know the long story :smiley:


Another day, another wall of crisps to sort out


Known each other for 5-odd years because we work at the same place. Her husband was hit with MND a couple of years ago and passed away at the beginning of the year. As a consequence we have had to be a bit careful and discrete about things so this was the first pic that found its way onto social media.


Had a late one, got a bit drunk. struggling. Help


wish I could join beard gang.


Oh that’s very sad and understandable circumstances for being a bit cautious with coming out as a couple.

You both look glowing with happiness and I’m v pleased for you NV :slight_smile:


home taping is killing youth eyesight



Thanks meow x
We’ve been pleasantly surprised, and quite touched, that everybody (like everybody) has been so positive and happy for both of us. S’good :relaxed:


Posting this just so I feel better about the ‘beautiful paintings’ thread.