🤩 Weekend Selfie Thread 🤩


All of this photo is pleasing. Well done. Good colours.


That dog :heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes::heart_eyes:


Terribe pic - not sure what’s going on with my hair or smile, but the cat wins.


Alright Blofeld


We’ve been expecting you


On a call, drinking a coffee


From yesterday’s evening thread


Lovely hair/beard combination :+1:


Growing a neck beard, doing daft smiles


Absolute cutie btw
Nipper is pretty cool too :wink:


no chance I’m posting one from today, sleep-deprived and freshly back on Rainy Fascist Island. here’s when I met the only cat in Berlin.

quality not great, but company was excellent.


You and your dog always look as though you should be in catalogues or adverts or something.


I’m on Mt Huashan!


Oooh post more pics!


Bless you!


Cheating slightly but I’m going for a twofer from last Sunday: looking like a soggy duck at the top of Snowdon in the morning then back home in the afternoon having completed the 3 Peaks Challenge…


Was pretty misty

There’s supposed to be a really thin plank bridge you can walk across but it was closed because of rain


Brilliant pics. Where else have you visited?


I’m in Xi’an right now, have seen the terracotta warriors. Was in Beijing before and went to the Great Wall, that was absolutely stunning.

More pics:



Some great pics there ma man, looks like some trip :+1: