🤩 Weekend Selfie Thread 🤩


Ahhhhh this is lovely! :heart:


A wall of crisps sounds like the stuff of dreams!


Where is your avatar from btw?


@shes_so_high i really fucking like your new avatar btw



Just followed you (in case you wonder who it is), great photos!


Thank you! It’s a Veronica Dearly pin. Her designs are awesome and she makes cards and pins and things. www.instagram.com/veronicadearly


That’s from a city in SE China called Fuzhou. Great place to live but not worth a visit if you’re only in China for a few weeks.




We can see you!


agreed, but this applies to you and your dog as well


This is my ‘I can get through the next few hours’ face as I still have a cold and loads of work to do.


Damn it!


That’s an amazing t-shirt and I want one.


kudos to @Flashinglight who found the link:



An actual Friday office selfie!


Appropriately upset face for that amount of rocket on your baguette


Work toilet selfie. Can I go home now? …so tired


Shared my lunch with some crows and now I’m still hungry :pleading_face: also I got this skirt from Primark the other day and I love it soo much


I can’t possibly take two selfies in one day so here’s the arty one again…