🤩 Weekend Selfie Thread 🤩


Love that skirt!!! Primark you say? :thinking:

*runs to primark*


Got the day off work so just spent the morning watching Adventure Time and i’m now off to spend the rest of the day drinking.


Actually here is one that shows my terrible parenting skills. Shouldn’t have let them watch Rampage with The Rock the other week… oops.


your hair always looks great!


Not so much a selfie

(I’m on the left)




i’m not really sure what is going on here


Hello friends


I’m chilling with ghostface in a horse sanctuary, displaying a chicken


Just got back from a lunchtime commune with the farm animals of Sussex


Ah I’m going to the same places as you. Will need to know lots more details when you get back.



Quite like that kind of skirt but not sure I am confident enough for it. Saw a similar one in primark with a yellow/black pallette that was very appealing.


I mourn the loss of my Doves tshirt. It was identical to this, but like grey/blue.


Oh you should get it! I liked this a lot but thought I’d look terrible in it but actually it’s really nice and I’m so glad I went out of my comfort zone and will do this more often. Go for it! :grin:


mines only just hanging in… Holes in armpits…


What kind of style is it? Is it like a mini skirt or a kilt type thing?


It really does suit you very well :ok_hand:

Maybe I’ll try one like it on to see how I feel. Not sure it would go with my preferred pair of boots though :confused:


It’s an a line skirt! It looks tight in the photo because I was pulling it down :smiley: a lot of my height is in my legs so skirts end up shorter on me and I’m always worried that people will see my pants lol. It has no proper waistband or zip or anything and is basically like a tube that flares out a bit


Need a haircut