🤩 Weekend Selfie Thread 🤩


ha, that’s precisely how mine ended. Think i bought it at reading or leeds way back


I’m sure it’ll look great on you! They seem versatile so will likely look just fine no matter what shoes you have on :smile:


Ah cool! Sounds lovely :blush: much prefer that shape to a kilt! I’m way too hiptastic


Wore a tie to work today because I was having lunch on a ship. Banging food, absolutely stuffed and in need of an afternoon nap now.

Also posted off my old passport, RIP 24 year old dickhead me. Long live 34 year old dickhead me.


Hi. I’m tired and in my home office preparing presentations before I head to the US tomorrow.


Guitars and birds.
Standard @elthamsmateowen


34 looks more DiS.


Dead inSide.


its OK - they send your old passport back to you later for you to treasure forever


Rupert Murdock :scream:






My phone doesn’t have a front-facing camera…so it’s time for a poor-quality laptop selfie!

Also I am 30 today and I like this jumper




I think your hair looks :ok_hand:




Happy birthday wonton. You’re lookin very dreamy for your 30th :grinning::+1:


This looks like a great tshirt.


Serving you last person in the office realness:



What do you do? Why does everyone have 17 screens?