🤩 Weekend Selfie Thread 🤩


hah!! oh jeez. she wasn’t exaggerating.

I found out from a girl called Tash. arty girl from Melbourne, really ace. had fun hanging with her when I was at first hostel. isn’t Insa the one who’s going out with [non-DiS MME friend with curly brown hair]?

gonna get on trying to get some €€€ through compo next week, I reckon!


Are you still following the Danube?


Ish, I guess. The bike path doesn’t really seem to stick to it that much any more but we occasionally cross paths and I say hello to it. It takes so much longer than just going straight, curse that big ol’ bendy bastard.

Are you back from your trip now?


It is! I saw that you’d met up with him


Yeah, back from France yesterday. Was much easier driving across the Pyrenees than it was cycling it!
Good luck with the rest of your trip! How far have you got to cycle?


I am not at work any more, everyone in this picture is happy about that.


Sweaty badminton selfie #3:


I’m drunk selfie


watching Bojack, thinking about how much I have in common with Todd



The hat! :grin:


Oh nice! I still haven’t got to the stage of enjoying mountains enough to seek them out. Any I come across at the moment are an inconvenience still! Hope you had a good time.

Not really sure, probably somewhere between 1500 and 2000km left I guess? My gf is meeting me in Thessaloniki on the 3rd for a few days then I’m going to head on down to Athens after that.


It was a self timer but hi from Cornwall.

Going home today booooo


That’s a great pic, stickie


Really nice photo.


Have a bonus selfie, cause the thread title isn’t Friday-specific and my little corner of South Devon is looking fucking glorious today, despite being mainly obscured by my giant dome!


Good work Marty :+1:
And, yes, this is totally a thread for the whole weekend


What an excellent commute you have!!


you stock Brannigans!?


In bed, don’t plan on moving for at least an hour


2 flavours. When I haven’t eaten them all that is.