🤩 Weekend Selfie Thread 🤩


Proper haircut, no doubt he’ll be in a proper band someday :+1:


Is 7:22 too early to be pissed?


Yes I’m afraid so, you need to drink a pint of water and go to bed immediately.


Got a long overdue haircut and a nice new autumn coat


(the blurry picture was the best i managed to take)




I have eaten lasagne (was excellent) and now I will be drinking more wine.
Screw you :wink:


At least it isn’t old enough to be responsible for its own passport or back account though.


Sunday League selfie


In a Sunday league of your own.


I went out for JUST two drinks last night, and I’ve found whatever the hell this is in my photos today.


@Antpocalypsenow make this his pass photo mate


Hi NoahVale you are a very attractive man.



A drag queen offered me the chance to try on her hat and who was I to say no?


Magical! :star2:


That’s a fucking hat and a half :+1:


Can you post a picture where you’re wearing it?


Oh shit there should probably be a Baby Selfie badge in addition to the Pet Selfie one, shouldn’t there??