Weekend Selfies: Dev Alahan Edition


Don’t say I never do anything for ya


Please note, this weekend I will be assigning you all new names in this thread as per the “do you like your name?” thread.

This is based on what name I think you look like and results are final and you are actively encouraged to contact the deed poll people by your next birthday to make the change.

Warm regards.


Here I am skyping the cat


Revolutionary selfie of me in suit and coat, but on the tram to work


You look like a male Amanda Knox




First day of my working week

But @Scout is going to give me a much better name


Oh balls, just seen your post!


I will not let alluring Dev poses sway my decision.


Disclaimer: it might not be better/good
It’ll just be right.


It will almost definitely be better.


Waiting round sister’s flat for a washing machine man today, so have packed hobby materials and am relaxing on her luxury sofa. She said ‘help yourself to beer in the fridge’ so…


Dev doesn’t do that


What about a twenty year old topless modelling photo?



Hey! HEY! Stop it right there…

“Dinner?” comes before nudes in these parts.


Pat butcher coat - love it :grinning:



I’m ill and have a face like a dropped pie but I want @scout to give me a new name so.

'What's in Jezza's pocket?' bonus photo


Hello selfie thread, first time selfie-taker here. Is this thing on? taps mic

Battling the wind to get into work. Haircut tonight to sort out this mess. Happy Friday everyone!

Big fan of my name but looking forward to having it forcibly changed by internet friends.