Weekend Selfies: Dev Alahan Edition




My bad, guess I feel the same way about a naming ceremony :slight_smile:


Feels like a double British sea power merch day


Morning all :slight_smile:


Nice mug shot.


Still makes a bit of sick come up


yeah you’re probably pushing your finger too far back


beat me to it :frowning:


Just posting so I get my name from @Scout, preferably not “lanyard wanker” please



Was tired enough to nearly risk a topless mirror getting ready shot but don’t want to cause mass panic SO instead

Currently listening to the perfection that is Dance Music by Mastersystem


Will be tougher for people I’ve met/know the name of/look like a sexy Steve Coogan.



Late afternoon in Taipei (thinly veiled I’m on a rare overseas trip!)


Only person in my office, bored as hell, and in a massive amount of pain yay.


I like your jumper tie combo!



I have a wild mullet going on and a nice coffee and i’m down the shithole regent’s canal


You have a wonderful mane


Perfect weather to have a barnet so luscious. The world is your Britney Spears video.