Weekend Selfies: Dev Alahan Edition




I’ll stop doing them when you stop laughing


I have asked MANY TIMES to be added to the DiS nudes mailing list and it’s STILL not happened.


Oh wait, found them.

They were in my junk folder :sunglasses:

POTW nomination thread 11/03-17/03
POTW vote 11/03-17/03



I like this joke a lot, deserves many likes.


Alright mate, no need to be sarcastic ffs.


The use of junk was a pun, right?


oi oi


Of your hotmale account?


there are quite a few dissers who bear (bare lol) resemblance


super great tbqfh


I, for one, am shocked


but i mean BEYOND being bald with a beard you fucking baldist


I like your messy hair!


Mate you’re baldist


:smiley: :’(


Didn’t mean it sorry will buy you a big anarchist beer next week x


Hey @Juke Did I ever tell you about my forray into the inner circle of Corrie? Lots of parties with Dev peacocking all over the show.

I never got a photo of him but will a kiss blowing Keith Duffy do instead? Dev was there so there’s Essence of Dev all over that photo.