Weekend Selfies: Dev Alahan Edition




Do you even lift?


appears as if your legs are the first part of your beginning to teleport out of the lift.

i enjoy this


Or slowly fading into a spooky ghost like in a film about spooky ghosts


i think it was called ‘the ghost that couldn’t turnoi’


Daydreaming about when this list of things to do is finally finished.


you look great




First selfie on here, feel comfortable enough to put my mug onto the playing field now.


you are warmly received, friend.


Always read your name as Cbeebies initially for some reason. Mind if I call you that?


Scout knows what I look like. Here’s what I’m wearing today


Thank you! I think the wind was being kind to me for a moment.


Nonsense! You look lovely :blush:


Go for it! My PhD involves working with children, so there is some cosmic relationship where this makes sense.


erm excuse me


Kermo there is currently a woman in the shop who looks EXACTLY like you. So much so I almost asked how the fuck she got here so fast.


Hang on a sec… they’re not my arms!?!


@Scout you seen this shameless attempt at assigning a new name? I, for one, will not stand for it.


mmmm essence of Dev

I’m very jealous! I went to a wedding with Kylie Platt once that’s all I’ve got