Weekend Thread 14-15 Jan

#Hello everyone! :raising_hand:

I hope you had a lovely Friday night, and hopefully a lay-in. I don’t think I’ve done one of these before. Hmmm, what happens?

What have you got planned this weekend?

I’ve got freebie tickets for Beaulieu and Buckler’s Hard to use up soon, but it’s a wee bit nippy. Fancy going to Marwell (Zoo) again sometime soon, but everything will be hiding.

Any raging hangovers? Anyone a little bit iffy after we all seemed to eat curry last night? Anyone stuck at work? Probably some SPORT on. Only thing I plan on doing these next couple of days is youknowwhat. :bicyclist:

What’s half-decent to bingewatch on Netflix over the next couple of cosy nights indoors pretending to be all hygge or whatever? Something light-hearted. We always fall into the trap of re-watching stuff we like (Sunny in Philly, stand-ups, Archer, etc).


This space left intentionally blank



oh ffs.

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Watched the first episode of The OA on Netflix last night- seemed OK, will watch more so maybe that. No plans here. Maybe finish my stealth, no kills run through of Dishonoured 2, then watch people sports their hardest overnight. Slightly dull, but low cost times which is good as I pre-ordered a fairly expensive board game and a Nintendo thing yesterday (despite the amusingly dire prognosis from the savy chaps here).


Nice planetary cross section!

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Heard good things about this. Shall investigate. Been ages since I got my teeth properly stuck into a series. Keep meaning to check out Outcast too, not sure it’s on Netflix though. Been reading the comic since the first’un.

What board game ya get? We’re looking around for a new one (probably going to get Twilight Struggle) for the pile.

Switch piqued my interest briefly, but I think we’ll just splurge on a PS4 instead in the next sale opportunity. Never actually owned any of the old school Nintendo consoles (Wii doesn’t count, as we only over played sports stuff) so Zelda, Mario et al doesn’t have that nostalgic hold over me.


I saw Uranus last week. :stuck_out_tongue_closed_eyes:

Morning. Still in bed. Just finished this:

Gonna have a shower and a second breakfast as soon as mr pn returns from his Parkrun.

Today: Wickes kitchen design appointment, then we’ve got a builder coming to have a look at the new flat, then a B&Q appointment. Fun times. Fun fun times.

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Ordered First Martians, which isn’t due to be released until May/June. It’s a co-op game based on similar mechanics to Robinson Crusoe, so hopefully will be good. Love Twilight Struggle but havent played it anywhere near enough to be any good at it- takes us all day to play!

PS4’s a good call for the money for sure, but it’s not the nostalgia that excites me about Zelda or Mario (although there is a bit of that), it’s that the games are almost always up there with the best of their generation, regardless of console. Didn’t buy a Wii U because I was waiting for Zelda and kind of regret not having played Super Mario 3D World. Figured at this stage the switch would be better than a Wii U so going with that.

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I also started The OA last night, the second and third episodes are much more interesting than the first…


Cool, will look forward to them!

oh ffs wr!!


  • going studio
  • getting vegan takeaway
  • playing computer games
  • trying to find a horror film to watch
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Morning Twentynine! Your curry looked delicious, how was it?

Lazily, still in bed here. Might read some more then go out for a walk before maybe watching the football. Seeing an old friend later this evening and she mentioned about making chilli, I imagine we’ll just stuff our faces and fall asleep watching movies.

Tomorrow I’m spending some time with my sister before she heads back to uni. We’re going to grab some lunch before going to the Moonmin exhibition.

Last night was fun, went out drinking, met one of my all time dogs big bro who’s a fucking hero of mine and got stoned and talked about music all night with him.
Bout to get a haircut.
Then kick about and have a few drinks.

I’m obliged as an Anti-Doping Advisor to tell you DON’T TAKE DRUGS. :laughing:

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can I join in here?

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ok well not a lot on the card today really.

Just listening to some Radiohead and drinking tea at the moment. Might do a Dylan cover later on today.

Had a ncie dream where a lady called me handsome last night which is a bonus!

Had a lie in. Going to be working all weekend now. Do not want, but needs must etc.

what’s your job?

(Nice dream) you say? I hear that’s another decent song from The Bends :wink:

Watching the WWE UK Championship Tournament
Not much else, im lame like that

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