⚽ Weekend Urinary Football Tract ⚽

Leicester force a replay in the “Are We Calling This A Derby?” derby thanks to Wes Beckenbauer. Plenty more excitement to come this Emirates FA Cup weekend, as Wycombe destroy Spurs, Wigan immolate United, and Newcastle manage to overcome their Oxford hex. Probably.

Pretty decent that Milwall CPO got scrapped, eh? Any of youse on your way to a game this weekend then?

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I love the FA Cup, more than any other competition in fact, but it’s been full-on toilet this season so far. We need some shocks, and a bit more luck with the draws. Feels like all the Big Six have been either at home, or against fellow Prem teams, or both, and the TV picks, the BBC ones especially, have on the whole been uninspiring.

The chairboys have been on an amazing run of form. Since the end of October in all competetions, they have only lost one game, drawn four and won the rest. They’ve even managed to score more than one goal per game which has been an ongoing problem of theirs for seasons.

They’ll probably get absolutely crushed against Spurs though I imagine…

I wonder if player manager Gareth Ainsworth will resist the urge to sub himself on!

Lincoln will beat Brighton. There’s a shock.

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Come on you Wolves!

I get the feeling there’ll not be many upsets at all this time round. I mean, upsets are supposed to be rare hence them being upsets but you know, I don’t see many.

Probably talking out my arse as well but I always think this FA cup weekend has a lot more draws and stale matches than the others. Teams resting players who need to recharge after the first half of the season, teams not playing players who might be sold and don’t want to risk them getting injured/are refusing to play, the bigger clubs still think they have a shot of getting into the top 4 so are focused on that, etc.

And no one likes a cup match replay. Has there ever been a good one? Just make the first match extra time and penalties and be done with it.

Can see Oxford beating Newcastle just because of Newcastle’s awful history in cup matches, and it would be very Newcastle in general. That and all the geordies will be moaning about how shit they are when they’re on course for automatic promotion.

Was going to say Wolves have a good shot against Liverpool as well. But then Liverpool would be losing at home for the third match in a row and surely, surely that won’t happen?

It depends what mood we’re in. We tend to play well away from home in the big games - Birmingham, Newcastle, Villa (even though it was a draw, we should’ve battered them), Stoke in the last round - so there’s a decent chance of us doing something. But then for all the signs of brilliance we’ve shown at times this season, there’s also been some absolute shite - so there’s also a fair chance of it being 5-0 to Liverpool Reserves. Hope we do 'em though, I detest scousers.

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Check out this devilishly attractive fellow at the match last night,

wearing the yellow coat on the right.


nice coat.


Southampton usually pump us at their place, so maybe expect that. They’ve got a few injuries and have played a lot of games, but I think we’re gonna play a weakened team ourselves so dunno.

In what’s becoming the most painfully dry transfer stories, Marseille have bid again for Payet (at £27 million). Maybe this time is actually the last time?

Meanwhile Aston Villa are trying to sign every player from every club in the Championship and the leagues below. Apart from that there seems to be nowt else happening with transfers so far today.

They’ll still be hungover from making a Cup Final.

0-3 Arsenal.

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Oh my word. The Darren Bent own goal from last night. I know this will have been covered in yesterday’s thread but let’s give it its due.


Never lost the ability to be in the right place at the right time.

Big edge on that

Feels a bit weird being odds-on favourites against a team from a league above, but we really ought to beat hull tomorrow

Wahey! 1-0 up already.

Wouldn’t be surprised if West Ham put a bid in for Helder Postiga after that run

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20 mins in and we’ve had 13% possession :smiley:

Klopp sacked!

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