Weekly Football Thread: City Getting Their Pants Pulled Down, The Second Generation


Some big changes happening at United apparently

Restructuring under way. New club secretary and it looks like we will be getting a director of football.

Jose will either be pleased he doesn’t have to deal with ed or feel undermined and have a breakdown

Probably both tbf




Any decent games? I’ve not looked. Seasons over isn’t it?


Cardiff City v Burton Albion tomorrow afternoon mate, a real modern classic as fixtures go.


Big game

Just looked at the fixtures. United are gonna be the only team in the top 4 to win. Seasons back on


It’s the @aggpass - @Severed799 derby. Extra mods will be brought in from neighbouring forums in a desperate attempt to keep things civil in here


Man Utd!


I’ll even it up

city have sold out the etihad for the Liverpool game. Well done them


Excellent. Missed the Man Utd corporate restructuring chat over the international break.


Can United throw their game this weekend so City don’t win the league against them?

(Suspect City will lose at Goodison, but hypothetically).


be funny if both united and city lose


leeds v Bolton tomorrow. stopped caring about football again tbh :man_shrugging:


I’m really looking forward to Palace v Liverpool on Saturday, which is bad sign as when I do look forward to games we lose badly.

I renewed my season ticket this week, £480 for the season, or around £25 a game. Also picked up a ticket for Watford away in a few weeks.


Sounds like Pep and Isco have been getting pretty close.

Can’t see where he’d fit, but it was only about a year ago we were saying he’d overtaken Ronaldo as the world’s second best player. Must’ve fell off a cliff since.

Could only imagine Silva might have to return to Spain permanently, or a switch in formation.

From what i hear a transfer ban’s pretty probable so it may not happen.


Villa v Hull on TV Saturday.

The Ahmed Elmohamady derby



New 18-25 year old cheaper season ticket price in the Stretford End. Positive step.


Bit like marketing alcopops to youngsters tho innit. Morally questionable


Football on the whole is having trouble (comparatively with previous generations) attracting/holding that demographic. They’re all sat on the ps4 talking about fidget spinners or whatever.


Yeah definitely, eSports overtaking real sports is a genuine thing