Weekly hydration reminder and urine chart check-in [Audit]

  • 1 - In the clear
  • 2 - Perfect pale
  • 3 - Yellow Mellow
  • 4 - Golden Glow
  • 5 - Cautiously Bright
  • 6 - Amber Lights
  • 7 - Sunset Burn
  • 8 - Desert Thirst

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Here is a short video about the importance of hydration which you may enjoy but that I have not watched:

Additional poll about night peeing:

  • Get up to pee every night
  • Often get up for a pee
  • Occasionally get up for a pee
  • Rarely get up in the night for a pee
  • Never

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These filth threads are getting very niche.


I did a urine test on Monday

how did you do?

I held the little pot under my willy and I did a wee in it


I’ve not had any water today, just caffeinated beverages. Don’t worry I’ll grab a glass of water in a bit.

I have taken it upon myself to watch the video in the op - AMA.

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bonus thursday poll [anon]

  • been peed on
  • peed on someone
  • neither
  • both

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Been completely dehydrated since i went out on monday night, think i might have done myself a damage

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Was pretty clear earlier but just been for a run so who knows what the afternoon will bring!!!

who was your favourite member of the cast?

Bloody hell m9, you still feeling this? Must’ve been a big one. Did you have any sparkling water while you were out on the tiles?

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A lovely cameo from Nithin.

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would prefer if this poll had a ‘usually’ option, for future reference.

many thanks

At least 8 pints and a good dozen old fashioned and a few glasses of wine. No water at all.

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What you on about warno?


You usually like to be peed on?

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poll no. 1

All that’s relevant is your current hydration level ffs