Weeknight commitments

On average, how many weeknight commitments do you have per week?

  • None
  • One
  • Two
  • Three
  • Four

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I’ll leave you to determine what you mean by commitments. I’d take it to mean something like sports practice, penoid card gaming, charity work, religious/faith group meeting, political party meeting… That sort of thing. As opposed to (say) casually meeting a mate for drinks or whatever, but define it as you like.

Weeknights = Monday to Thursday nights, with the definition aided by people on this evening’s evening thread.

I ask this because I’m slightly in awe of people who manage to motivate themselves to do something constructive on every night (or most nights) of the week. But maybe that’s just because I’ve eaten too much baked potato.

0 social. 7 if you count work

Oh I counted weeknights wrong, 4 work, 0 social

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Gym twice a week, something social Friday

I do job #3 in the evenings but it doesn’t take up a lot of time and I usually do it from here:

My bedroom

2, but including squash on fridays - so by your definition, only one!

Usually 2 or 3. Probably a band practice and/or #somebeers


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I was all for having Sunday night as a weeknight. The people have spoken though!

Monday to Friday are undisputed weekdays. Weeknights are simply the night that corresponds to the weekday.

That is all that I have to say on the matter.


nothing I’d consider a commitment, sometimes I do things as a leisure activity

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Don’t consider penoid night to be a commitment because I go 50% of the time and it’s mostly a social thing tbh.

Starting guitar lessons soon.

Also starting Labour stuff soon.

Would be doing an introduction to music editing course of it was running.

Does wanking count?



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Friday night is a weekend evening. It’s at the start of the weekend.

VERY strong opinions :smiley:

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It’s a weekday evening that prec

No. Let’s agree to disagree.


two or three, usually band practise based
also joined a film club for postgrads which I’ll start going along to as long as it’s not shite as fuck or


Yeah I have stuff like that on a weekday - and whilst it’s always lovely and energising when I’m there, I’ll sit there at 7pm eating my dinner and wishing I was spending the evening in lounge pants watching crap TV.

Just work, every evening. Woo. Only other things that go into weeknights are taking kid to activities. I’m so fun.

Running club x 2, sometimes d&d

I keep thinking I should have more of these but, on the other hand, I hate doing things, so you can see the bind I’m in.


I’m committed to eating every night. Other than that I’m meant to play guitar with friends once a week but we suck and hate each other, so that keeps not happening. (we don’t hate each other, but i’m notbsure we like music)