Weendndneday eveni ngth read


hi hru

my evening will consist of watching football and eating toast. wuu2?


Forgot to log in as PickledOeuf / UnicornPorn?


Hey budpal

Gonna get a Chinese :open_mouth:


Nope! i just wanted To See if it would autocorrect to wednesday Tbh


Off for Thai with friends from school, one of whom is 39.5 weeks pregnant - could be a fun twist to the evening!


heyr evefryebody
gonna leave owrk soon and vet a piazza and hegthgejn watch some shit tv and mabeh do a wbit tof workf


Wo n’t st op you trying to push new DiS to its limits!


have you decided what you will be ordering


Oh, another one?

Fancy some butter chicken


I reckon i would really like a noodle dish tonight but also I would like crispy shredded beef


what about spectres


Early ‘Earth Song’ lyrics etc




Spicy food is supposed to be good for inducing labour, so the myth goes. I will wager you £5 that someone will point this out within the first 30 minutes.


Also off for Thai. Joined a group for women who want to hang out with other women as I’ve found it pretty hard to make friends since uni, it’s been pretty good up to now even though I haven’t met any new bezzies yet


“This topic will close a day after the last reply”

??? :open_mouth:


yeah used my special skills to autoclose the thread :wink:


"We called her Twinkle after the man who delivered her. "


Evening @Hey_Zeus


Absolutely starving after reading the takeaway talk upthread. Might have to go and get something.

Going to get a beer or two and drink it on the hill overlooking the city first!