Weeny Wednesday Thread

Forgot to book my swimming session for this morning. No exercise to start the day.

How are you doing?

Greetings from Hoogy HQ

I’ll be here all day, every day


Good morning and

Didn’t fancy cycling in the rain so let the old iron horse do the work this morning. It was absolutely rammed by Covid standards.

Still having my midweek treat of a nice coffee and pain au raisin, even if I haven’t done any work for it.


I have nothing to say but that’s not going to stop me :wave:

  • Yoga
  • Walk in the fresh air

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Morning all.

Overslept this morning so didnt get out of bed until 8.40am. Went swimming last night for the first time in at least 2 years and my legs are feeling it. Today is a WFH day and I also have my German class this afternoon so need to do my homework for that at lunch.


work today then off til tuesday :raised_hands:


Morning all :slight_smile: took the car to the garage and they fixed the problem free of charge (something had come loose that didn’t really need to be there in the first place). I feel £200 better off even though I’ve gained/lost nothing.



The child came in and started shouting at us at 6.30 this morning, which wasn’t the most pleasant start to the day. I reckon he was just hangry though - he then went and ate three breakfasts, and once he was sated he drew me a picture of a youtube video of Stevie Wonder singing (complete with play / pause buttons and a red progress bar. Note to self - less youtube in the evenings).

Nothing exciting today, although there is rain forecast, which will hopefully wash away the sick on the pavement outside the student neighbours house.

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it’s plasticmike’s birthday today. we had Dishoom bacon naans for breakfast :partying_face::partying_face::partying_face:


oh and 20 week scan is this morning :hushed::hushed::hushed:


Have had the vegan version of this a couple of times at home. Very delicious.

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I’ve still not tried these but really need to!

I want a bacon naan. Might have one or at least an approximation of one. Just been to pick up a van. Took some arty pics of my uncle’s garage. I say arty pics… They’re just pics.


Morning all!

I was given a telling-off by The Child this morning for wearing the same t-shirt as I wore yesterday (for all of half an hour) but luckily she doesn’t really understand time so kept telling me I wore it last weekend, which is fine.

I’ve done a grocery shop and attended a pointless meeting about exam/ not exam arrangements remotely


Morning all! Had a late shift volunteering last night and a crap night’s sleep… woke up with total nausea. But still managed to drag myself to a 7.30am outdoor gym class, so that knocked some sense into me. New gym for me, so checked out the interior now it’s open and oh my it is nice… might go back after work to do some more exercise before the three days of pub visits I have planned ahead

A DiSer was in my dream last night! Just remembered.

I want (and deserve damnit!) something really tasty for tea tonight. What shall I do :thinking:

  • Make an effort to cook something particularly delicious
  • Order a takeaway

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My boss just sent me a photo of his monitor displaying a slide with some information that i asked for


Your cooking always looks amazing :slight_smile: also (and this is maybe one for the Big Opinions thread) 90% of takeaways are a bit disappointing.

Also who was in your dream?

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doing anything with it or just “not working”