Alright? What’s for tea? Just ate some salmon and celeriac. Might crash through some more Halloween sweets.

Work is chaos but I’m 1 week from 6 months of parental leave so I’m focusing on that and nothing else.

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Work shit is shit, but wife is ill so ignoring work shit and being doctor xylo for the eve


Alright? Got leftover dauphinois, sausages and peas for tea and 4 cans of Guinness to pass the evening with. Probably gonna watch more Hells Kitchen and lie down till bedtime.


ayo. hanging out with the kitten. going to my first pub quiz in ages in a bit. scranning something there I guess?



Had a terrible day

Going to an over priced all you can eat buffet, must resist urge to eat til bursting to get moneys worth when that will just make me feel bloated and rubbish. Thinking of the cost as a present to the friends who invited us :laughing:

There’s a chocolate fountain! :chocolate_bar::fountain:

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Off to see Ed Gamble cos he’s playing down the road

It’s horrible out though don’t wanna move

pic of kitten tho?

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Sexy Doctor Zylo? :wink:

Feel better soon Xylos gorgeous wife!


Last all you can eat buffet we went to I had 4 plates of food. Sat back in my seat with my hands on my belly when done and burped. She’s lucky to have me I know.


I put on my white coat and stethoscope etc etc :stethoscope: :mask:


Hello. Home from work. I’m going to drink some beers and watch a bit of the football on Spanish television here in a bit.

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more in the cat thread



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Was supposed to be in The London today with one of my favourite people in the world who I haven’t seen for ages, but it didn’t happen so now I think I’ll eat ice cream until I hate myself.

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Aye, suppose so. Busy house today. Batch cooked some bits and done nursery runs and school pick up. Kids in bed so that’s good.

Some slow cooker Italian beef orzo stew thing. Was dead tasty when I made it last week so hoping it’s the same. Drinking a Track Sonoma…

And chilli. Not at work until 3 tomorrow, and have the majority of the day to myself. Reckon the weather is shit though.


Makin katsu, might watch new Top Gun, try to warm up as it’s cauld as fudge

Shepherds pie eaten, under the blanket on the sofa listening to Microcastle accompanied by the whistling of the wind coming through the front door. Thinking Andor and Don’t Look Now for later, maybe some Overwatch as well.

Evening all!

Another long Wednesday over with.

I’ve eaten spaghetti and meatballs for tea and I’m on my way out to play football in half an hour.

It’s cold.


Finally changed all the clocks in the flat, a new record.

Have properly lost my TV remote, haven’t I? :see_no_evil:

Might have an early night then as off to London tomorrow for a bagel and the Dawnwalker gig :heart_eyes::black_heart: