Weezer are playing Wembley arena


Presumably they think they’re new chart-aimed single is gonna do the business for them:

It’s not awful, (cue everyone saying it’s awful) but it isn’t exactly what Weezer fans are after is it?

I guess their dates last year sold out in under an hour, but still, Wembley?

Needless to say I will be going to this.


Couple of other UK gigs too


Think I’ll go to the Birmingham show too


Feels like they’re trying to do this:

But have ended up doing this:


HEY! ‘Goodnight Tonight’ is a banger, especially the extended 12" mix.

This Weezer song though, fucking Hell. Absolutely awful.


Someone’s been giving Weezer and Linkin Park the same poor advice. Dreadful.


Someone just needs to put this band out of their misery


I’d like to see them live first, which will probably happen now, then aye fine


Just when I thought they were back on some sort of…idk…semi respectable trajectory :frowning:

That said, Back To The Shack and Thank God For Girls were low points from their respective (excellent) albums, so there’s still hope I guess…


Sounds like it’s been written by Katy Perry’s producers rather than the band themselves. The kind of song that gets hawked around various generic popstars until one of them bites.


I was hoping that if they bashed something out so quickly after White, they’d manage to stay on a streak. After a year with that record, I genuinely reckon it’s my 2nd fave of theirs.

Agreed, this isn’t AWFUL, but not massively inspiring.


Haha i love those songs


Sorry. But this IS awful.

That chorus.


i’ve not heard the new one - just saying i love the two tunes the other person mentioned


How can people honestly try to claim that this isn’t awful?


Intrigued to hear this after work, because I loved last year’s album. Will definitely be at one of the dates.


Terrible aircraft hangar of a venue though…


As good as buddy holly imo


see I always wanted to see Weezer, like the one band I’d never managed to.

they played Leeds fest, for which I sold my ticket

they ended up playing with Rivers in a gillet jumping on a trampoline, covering Wheatus and Lady Gaga and MGMT

fuck that right off


I mean look at the state of this