Weezer are playing Wembley arena

Presumably they think they’re new chart-aimed single is gonna do the business for them:

It’s not awful, (cue everyone saying it’s awful) but it isn’t exactly what Weezer fans are after is it?

I guess their dates last year sold out in under an hour, but still, Wembley?

Needless to say I will be going to this.

Couple of other UK gigs too

Think I’ll go to the Birmingham show too

Feels like they’re trying to do this:

But have ended up doing this:

HEY! ‘Goodnight Tonight’ is a banger, especially the extended 12" mix.

This Weezer song though, fucking Hell. Absolutely awful.

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Someone’s been giving Weezer and Linkin Park the same poor advice. Dreadful.

Someone just needs to put this band out of their misery

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I’d like to see them live first, which will probably happen now, then aye fine

Just when I thought they were back on some sort of…idk…semi respectable trajectory :frowning:

That said, Back To The Shack and Thank God For Girls were low points from their respective (excellent) albums, so there’s still hope I guess…

Sounds like it’s been written by Katy Perry’s producers rather than the band themselves. The kind of song that gets hawked around various generic popstars until one of them bites.

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I was hoping that if they bashed something out so quickly after White, they’d manage to stay on a streak. After a year with that record, I genuinely reckon it’s my 2nd fave of theirs.

Agreed, this isn’t AWFUL, but not massively inspiring.

Haha i love those songs

i’ve not heard the new one - just saying i love the two tunes the other person mentioned

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How can people honestly try to claim that this isn’t awful?


Intrigued to hear this after work, because I loved last year’s album. Will definitely be at one of the dates.

Terrible aircraft hangar of a venue though…

As good as buddy holly imo


see I always wanted to see Weezer, like the one band I’d never managed to.

they played Leeds fest, for which I sold my ticket

they ended up playing with Rivers in a gillet jumping on a trampoline, covering Wheatus and Lady Gaga and MGMT

fuck that right off

I mean look at the state of this

call it morbid curiosity at this point