Weezer are playing Wembley arena

yeah ill still go if only to hear a couple of oldies. ill be scowling throughout the others though

aye, I mean I think it’s something I’d like to grab a few beers and buddies (I sound like a Budweiser commercial) and just sorta let happen. It’s probable shiteness for the majority I hope at least will be fun enough to make it to some big numbers… we’ll see

I’ve seen them a few times. Around 208-2011 was when they were doing the “whacky” stuff like above and having Pat play guitar and a different guy on the drums. But the more recent gigs, they’ve just came out as a four piece and played pretty much a straight forward ‘greatest hits’ set.

Can’t believe how far I had to scroll down on Spotify to find the good stuff. EIGHT albums since Green!

They were great at Reading, and the crowd loved all that goofy stuff.

Id saaaaay so!

wouldnt take a Reading crowd enjoying something as a sign of quality tbf



tbf 8/21 is better than I expected

They’re too busy enjoying Pendulum


i love blue and pinkerton… BUT… I also like the shit stuff tbh

I was at that Manchester gig. It was my favourite gig of last year by some distance.

I enjoyed white and ewbaite quite a lot, this new song is trash.

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It’s about time they released an album titled

Pinkerton 2

and it was full of songs like this


God damned you half Japanese girls


They are charging £40 per ticket for this tour. FORTY POUNDS. That’s before booking fees, as well.

Hotel booked for Birmingham. Excited.

That song is rubbish but it’s still better than that Linkin Park one

oh christ! definitel ynot going

Yeah, me neither. I thought I’d be tempted for old times’ sake, but not at that price.

I wonder how many they’ll sell? Glasgow Academy was nowhere near full when they played there in 2005. Will they gain a nostalgia crowd this time round, or will they have lost even more fans?

It has been a decade since they’ve played up here so it’s possible