Weezer are playing Wembley arena


It has been a decade since they’ve played up here so it’s possible


Is that a gamble or have you found somewhere already selling? Manchester and London sold out in about two mins last time.


I hope you have a great time @ynot


Is a gamble, with a cancellable room.


Wembley is a bit ambitious to be honest, particularly at £40…


Manchester and London sold out in a blink at £35 last year (London venue was Brixton Academy).


Has anyone been mailed their preorder details yet?


You seem very excited about this (good for you)


I shall ask again! Did anyone get mailed the presale code? I didn’t, others apparently did.




Thank you! Just that link, no code needed?


Gah! It definitely needs a code, do you have it?


I just found that link on a Weezer forum. I’m looking for the code too I’ll post it if I find it.






Don’t like it cause it’s da UK not do world.


All ticketed up for Brum. Ker-boom.


I’ve gone for Birmingham and Wembley. Greatly looking forward to it but my wallet is aching today.


Ash supporting at Wembley