Weezer: Blue or Pinkerton?



lets try and keep this civil. this includes any ludicrous suggestions that one of their other albums deserves a mention. we all know that the rest of their output is middling, at best.


  • Blue
  • Pinkerton
  • can’t split em
  • never really got into Weezer

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Never heard of them.


Don’t listen to weezer much but the one with buddy holly or island on the sun


Haven’t really listened to them in the past 20 years. But, same here, Undone and Buddy Holly. Suzanne was good too.


I’ve voted Blue but there’s almost nowt in it.

Really enjoy Green as well. Photograph and Knock-down Drag-out are bangers.


Both 10/10 albums but Pinkerton really is special, really like how everything is played with such force it has that everything on the brink of falling apart quality that makes it quite exciting to listen to, also musically I think it has some really well crafted moments that put it above the power pop of blue (like the entwined guitar parts on no other one, or the intro to falling for you). Think lyrically it is a lot more varied than it gets credit for, covers the whole gambit of 20 something anxieties rather than simply tge unrequited love it gets tagged with, also like how honest it is and how harsh he is on himself, it doesn’t seem like he is trying to come across as a good person


This is literally the second time we’ve had this thread on the new boards…

…and it’s Blue, obviously.


Well its Blue isn’t it. Any album with Only in Dreams is gonna win any poll. Plus it has Jamie on the special versions which is their best track after OID


Blue definitely has better b sides Jamie, Suzanne and mykel and carli are all as good as the album


why are you always that guy?

don’t answer


Jussayin’ fam


Have said before that I prefer Blue but the b sides on Pinkerton are great as well - You Gave Your Love To Me Softly, Devotion and I Just Threw Out The Love Of My Dreams. Would put them all on par with Suzanne and Mykel and Carli.


I’ve actually changed my answer so thanks to silks for giving me the opportunity

I was doing that too 50 albums thing and put blue but then stared at its inclusion and swapped it out




Thread has destroyed the last vestiges of my faith in democracy


Blue has the better songs, Pinkerton is cooler.




I still haven’t got through Pinkerton, sorry. Last attempt got stopped by a question at work, although the tracks I got through were better than I remembered.


THEO. DAMN IT. The second half of the album is so worth getting to :smiley: :'D


I have also changed my answer so I too appreciate the opportunity. I really can’t pick between the two and that includes the b-sides on both deluxe editions.