‘worst album they’ve ever done’


… you think far too highly of Raditude.

No way. More on the p4k line of thinking that it’s just a totally mediocre effort - probably about as poor as Make Believe. Not a total carcrash ala Hurley / Raditude.

Blue/Pink >>> Green/Maladroit > EWBAITE/White > Red >>>> Make Believe/Pacific Daydream >>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>>> Hurley/Raditude

Yeah, 4/10 is too generous for sure. I’m a softie. But Red is worse than Raditude :slight_smile:

I’ve turned a corner on this after a few listens this morning. The lyrics are undeniably shit and it doesn’t sound like White Album Weezer let alone the Weezer of old but, fuck me, it’s full of hooks and earworms.

Better than Raditude, Hurley and Make Believe.

Hurley is alright! I put it way above the massively overrated Everything Will Be Alright…

there’s a lot of nonsense in this thread about what weezer were or represented and what they are now. The truth is Rivers Cuomo died sometime around 2001/2002. Maladroit is a combination of some b sides and unrecorded stuff that was leftover from the green album and earlier. It then explains the sudden downturn in quality, as the songs became crafted by a writing team,hastily assembled by record label dollar chasers, songs like “Beverley Hills” “I’m your daddy” “I dont want to let you go”? starting to make sense? They literally called an album “Make Believe”!!. They are laughing at us! Ever wondered why rivers looks so much like he used to when younger, like TOO much like himself for a 47 year old…because it isn’t him! Robots? lets not get carried away, but we don’t know. The evidence is all there




Hurley haa Unspoken so its not bottom

Ah well, here goes. It’s in the CD player and it starts with the good song…

OK… seven tracks in and it’s not that bad. Come at me.

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Only two good songs on Blue, and Beverley Hills is gash.

Just…gonna put that opinion…over HERE!!11


Going to my first Weezer gig tonight so I had a look at the set list - mostly Blue, bit of Pinkerton and Green plus assorted other hits. Pretty relieved tbh, just hoping they’ll stick to that. Ash are really good for playing the hits and mainly old stuff so tonight should be a fun nostalgia hit.

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That was pretty much gig of the year, I think.


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no idea why they still keep trying to ‘break the mainstream’ again two decades in. fucking give up.

Tonight was great, 8 songs from Blue and opened with El Scorcho. Ash were on good form too.

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Aren’t they just, like, making records and playing gigs and that?


I mean songs like Feels Like Summer that are obviously geared towards radio play, after an apparently half decent previous album (not heard it to know how different it actually sounds). I’d assume they must have thought Can’t Stop Partying would do great things for them too (lol)