Screw it!

I’m off to listen to So much for the after glow



I don’t imagine they sell a lot of records these days, so radio play would be a good source of income i guess. But them maybe nobody buys their records because they are geared at radio play. Vicious cycle.


They’re massively successful in Australia.

It’s depressing.


‘Like given’ for the depressing part of this ^ post.


that why you moved there?


Pinkerton finally went platinum (US platinum, 1m copies) in 2016, ten years after its release. and Everything Will Be Alright and White Album both went Top 5 in the US. I think they sell way more than you might think…


20 years, you mean


Ah. Clearly I meant 2006, and I am an idiot who has no point


Green third bottom FFS


That’s not entirely unreasonable given that they stopped after Maladroid. RIGHT??? :grimacing:


Stereogum guy really fucking hates The Red Album, huh? A bunch of good songs and a bunch of shit songs should still see it higher than Pacific Daydream.





Weezer have covered the Toto song Rosanna now!



Still waiting on that Black Album rivers


wish they would fuck off now tbh


oh shit i still have an album to listen to


Actually really enjoyed that.


No way, it’s too much fun watching people get outraged that a once good band isn’t good anymore