The recorded version is fucking great, and pisses all over the original - and I say that as a green album apologist. Actually kind of an interesting case study in good songwriting and good musicianship/performance being two distinct things which sometimes intersect.


Ughhhh weezer


The best Weezer song released in the last fifteen years isn’t even by Weezer


Listening to Pacific Daydream for the first time.



Like it.


Although I really liked The White Album too. So, yeah.


OK. No, it’s terrible. White is way better.


Not sure if I can even do Pinkerton anymore tbh. Great when you’re an angsty, sexually frustrated, probs-a-bit-misogynistic teenager but pretty awks otherwise.

Blue is good.


made this abomination


Yeah youre right




did these people write My name is Jonas?


Well, this is certainly embarrassing. I don’t know what would be worse, if they’re genuinely unaware of it or if they think they’re being funny / cute.


New Weezer stuff tomorrow…


Maybe it’ll be a return to form? Like Blue/Pinkerton era…



New songs alright. A complete departure into pop music but at least they’ve not done it with the subtlety of a ham-fisted hippopotamus attempting chopsticks on a freight train so it’s not inheriently bad, in fact pretty catchy and has a solid groove to it.


Oh dear.
Maybe it’s a grower. Maybe.


hmmm, not certain, but that seems relentlessly mediocre. It’s got shades of when the Offspring gave up completely in about 2002 or whenever it was - can’t remember if I mean Conspiracy of One or the one after that. It’s catchy though.


Ill give it a 5 out of 10


Absolutely perplexed by Dave Sitek producing this