I’d never knowingly heard a song by Weezer until last week when one of their songs was on the radio at work. One of my colleagues who I often have conversations with music about pointed out that it was by Weezer, and said how much she hated them.

Uh, I actually quite liked it…


some weezer tracks are pretty good!


Tbf there are about 40 great weezer songs


They’ve released like 80 albums though.


This statement, forever echoing through every Weezer thread since 1996…


el scorcho is most certainly the best weezer song


I thought I read somewhere that the Black Album was supposed to be a return to the dark and personal Pinkerton?? (Although they say that a lot of the time it seems)

Anytime now I still expect them to pipe up and say their career since 2001 has all been a piece of performance art like Joaquin Phoenix in I’m Still Here


He said it would be the first Weezer album with swearing. That promise, at least, has been kept.


This is horrendous and nobody would be trying to find worth in it if it were made by any other 90s band.


I dunno

I do get a distinct feeling you would be trying to find worth in it if it were a Billy Corgan release.


If it were a Billy Corgan release it would inherently have worth.


I’ll eat my words the day we get Shiny and Oh So Bright, Vol. 2: Don’t Step to Me, Don’t Step to Me, Don’t Step to Me, Bitch


Dude, he already released Being Beige and some other rubbish guffbag tracks


Still possibly better than everything Weezer has done post-Pinkerton and lightyears beyond anything post-Maladroit. It’s a nice little song. It’s pretty. It doesn’t rely on, “oh my, the nerds are cursing, how ironic!”

It’s all a matter of opinion I guess. I think Weezer at this point is artistically bankrupt, which is totally fine - good for them for continuing to have fun and make money, I’d 100% do the same - I’m fascinated more than anything by the way everything they do is news and how many chances people give them. I’m sure Everclear has covered a song and has put out a few bad albums over the past 18 years, and no one’s writing articles about it or speculating whether the next one will be a return to form.

Having brought them up now, can you imagine if Everclear had put this out, just swapping in Art’s voice? Or 311 with Nick / SA sharing vocals? If mentioned at all, it would be mentioned as a joke.


sorry to get dragged in here, but better than anything since Pinkerton?


Dunno, sounds very Dave Sitek to me, albeit a bit of a bargain bucket version


More bemused by the pairing than the sound.


If this was say…scissor sisters i’d say it was an ok pop song

As it is weezer id say its a big steaming pile of turd.


I think so, but I’ll admit that Hash Pipe is a legitimately great song, and American Gigolo, Take Control, and Burndt Jamb are at the very least good. It’s still funny to me how when Hash Pipe came out, so many Weezer fans freaked out because it didn’t fit the “Rivers is bearing his soul” narrative and said the rest of the album had to be better, and then somehow convinced themselves it was the worst song on the album.


New single, album out March 1st, London gig in June